Monday, April 2, 2012

Well, The Future Spills Its Intangibles;

Here I am again! Posting away. :] This was my most recent look posted on lookbook. It had been Pretty darn sunny that Day So I wanted to break out some summer spirit! This is one of my most favorite shirts every, found it randomly at Buffalo Exchange One day. I got it even though I wasn't very sure about it, Glad I did. :]

For a long time I was trying to find something to wear with this vest because I love it, but everything seems to look kind of weird with it. I'm thinking about putting some studs on it. :]

Me being a goof ball, It happens. :}

Picture of Jenna, Ashlee and I That day. :]
We need to take a better picture together. XD

Shirt: Joshua, From Buffalo Exchange
Vest: Forever 21
Jewelry: Forever 21, And Saturday Market


  1. Hey honey, you've won a 'Liebster Award' over on my blog :)