Monday, April 30, 2012

This Is The First Day Of My Life;

So over all, this shirt has added to one of my Favorite articles of clothing. (I know I say favorite a lot, but why would I own something that I didn't love?) I recently Bought it while I went on a small shopping trip With Jenna and Ashlee.

I absolutely Love this shirt. It's super comfortable and fits in with the rest of my wardrobe rather well. I love Belly shirts but they always make me feel rather uncomfortable sometimes, getting too much attention of if I've been sitting down for a long time you get to see tummy lines! Never good! But the material of this shirt is so weightless I barely noticed the difference.

Shirt: Nollie

Pants: Pacsun

Leather Bracelet: Saturday Market

Gold Ring: Forever 21

Necklace: Pacsun

Boots: Laredo

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