Thursday, March 29, 2012

So Give Me One Good Reason, Why We NeedTo Be Like Them;

Yesterday Hung out with Jenna Again, We were supposed to get some sewing done but that didn't really happen. Instead we gave up and gave in and went out to take some photos for lookbook, Since I wasn't really planning on doing (It was my lazy day!) so I picked out some clothing from her closet to sport for the day.

I picked this dress because I like to try new things and different styles and what better time to do that while looking through someone else's closet! I just loved the fact that it had ears
Under the dress I decided to wear a long sleeve black Cardigan.
I picked out white boots and some black heart tights, just a few things I love!

Dress: Store on Ebay
Tights: Target
Shoes: Doc Martens

Check out my Lookbook!

Also, Check out Jenna's Blog!


  1. That dress is adorable :) I love the ears!

    1. Oh well thank you! If you like it I can send you a link to where Jenna Bought it from. :]

  2. XD I am still jealous how much better that looks on you than it does on me.