Thursday, November 15, 2012

Confess My Heart and Forgive My Wrongs;

Hey Guys I'm back with a new look, and a new hair color! I got bored of waiting around to have someone professionally do it. I call this look the Candy Swirl. It's got a mix of Blonde, Pink and Purple in it. It looks like a Delicious Candy Cane when I curl it! I kind of miss the blond now that I've dyed it, so I might go back to that after awhile. I hate how often I change my hair! But my choice of what color I want it to be is always changing. So, awhile ago I went back to school shopping and realized I don't think I've put any of my new clothes on lookbook! So this mint shirt is one of the things that I got when I went back to school shopping. I am so lucky that Pale Pink and Mint Green are totally in right now! Some of my Favorite colors!
I actually used a necklace and made it smaller to get the bird to stay there!
Also, Song title comes from a new favorite song of mine, I've pretty much listened to this song every day since my best friend showed it to me! I love it, It's got kind of a country/ 90's TLC sound to it. It's an interesting song from a band I've been listening to for a bit. But this is on their newer album. I love the idea behind the words of this song, it really helped me because I was having an awful day and this song relates to my state of being on that day she showed me. Take a Sec and watch and listen to this lovely song.

Shirt: Forever 21 Dress: H&M Shoes: Got them from Marshells! Socks: Forever 21 Accessories: Forever 21 Thanks Guys!