Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Feeling Alive; A Late Start to the New Year.

Welcome to my belated New Years post! Haha, I am a little behind seeing as it is 8 days late. Going to post it anyways though! So, another year has passed and another year is here to come to be explored and adventured through and I'm going to tell you, that I am not one who tends to think that the new year will hold new things and will be better than last year because honestly every year has it's ups and it's downs. Your life does not restart because it is the beginning of a new cycle, it is simply continuing. It's your choices and decisions that make this year, a new one.

I can only hope that this year will be as adventurous as the last! I do have hopes that things will continue to sit right with me. So far this year I've already stuck to my work out plan for two days! Way better than previously! I've also managed to save a bit of money so far into the month when I am usually broke ( we will see how this goes). The beginning of the new term at school has started as well and I have already checked into my online class! Score! Ariel: 3 Laziness: 0.

Anyways! Enough about me, let's move on with this post. Below I decided to post the song "Alive" by Krewella because it has been my theme song for the second half of last year, and I want these feelings to keep going and carrying me through the new one. I still can't get enough of this song, it always gives me chills and I think it's a good song to start the new year off with.

I wanted to dress fearless and like I was ready to party in the New year. So here is my Bubble goth/ Fairy Kei look for the 31st/1st!


Dress: Taobao
Shoes: Demonia
Hairbow: DIY
Accessories: Chocomint, Daiso.

Now, Onto Photos from the NEW YEARS PARTY that I had at my place with my lovely, lovely, friends.

Here, have an awful photo of me with wig hair!

I don't know if you can tell, but it was a blast. Thanks for sticking through this entire post! I hope you enjoyed the photos and please continue to follow my blog and hype me on lookbook! I really appreciate it.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

So Long Sweet Summer;

Wow, It really has been a very long time since I posted something. Sorry that I haven't been around! Summer was quite the busy time in my life. I've gone through so many changes. Long term relationship over, Changed schools, and moved into my own place! Then with the start at a new school! You get the idea. Busy busy, but here I am! Back to try and post more often than I was, which shouldn't be too hard since I haven't posted since June or so! haha I'm gonna use this look to start off my posts again. This set of photos was taken back when summer just started at my friend Ashlei and Her Boyfriend Josh's Welcome back to Portland Party! We were all very excited that they were moving back into town. Much Closer than where they did live!

Also Sporting some Circle Lens Contacts in Lavender! Missing my hair being this color! Time sure are a changing. I hope you Enjoy the first look that I've posted in Months! ^.^

Dress: Forever 21
Accessories: Forever 21
Floral Headband: DIY
Boots: Thrift Shop

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For Everything Under The Sun, I Owe You One;

My kitties wanted pictures of them too. :]

Not too much to say about this look, just a little something I decided to wear, but I have to say, I bought this sheer shirt from Pacsun when it was on Sale for $10! This is probably one of my favorite tops because I can pair it with so many different things. I can layer it over, under, or not layer it at all! I'll def, be wearing this again this summer when It's nice and warm and I can simply through it over a bikini top!


Shirt: Kirra, Pacsun
Short: Forever 21
Accessories: Pacsun, Forever 21, Handmade

Monday, March 18, 2013

Glitter Hell;

So recently I was finally able to buy a Glitter Hell Shirt! I bought it for my boyfriend cause they only had one left at the time (they sell out so fast!) But I recently bought one for myself and I am planning on buying a few when they restock again! It's a few of my favorite things all wrapped into one shirt! I can't wait to own more of these shirts in my closet. I decided to pair this "ruffed up" shirt with a Green denim jacket for more of the grungy side, can't forget some spikes either! I love it when I can pair spikes with an outfit, I think it goes well with the evil kitty!

Jenna and I went to one of our favorite places to take lookbook photos this time, we love it because it's all run down and constructiony in the back even though we can't go in it, it's close to where Jenna lives and whenever we go we get to feed the goats (if we remember to bring food)! I made sure to stop by and get an apple to take with us. Here are some of the photos we took!

Recently I made a floral antler headband for Jenna as an early birthday present, the place I went to to buy the flowers was having a 50% off sale! So I decided to buy myself some flowers so I could make a crown, I love it! I decided to wear it because I couldn't find the hat I was looking for and I'm glad I wore It. I think it adds a little something extra to the outfit!

Jenna and I tend to make some silly faces when we're taking photos!

It's hard to tell but this tattoo on my leg is rather new! I got it two months ago and I'm going in this Friday to get the color filled in! I can't wait, and yeah that's my cat tattooed on my leg! Hehe


Me feeding the goats!

They were so cute! The poor little black one kept getting headbutted because the mean one wanted all the food!

Jenna Feeding Goats!

And the both of us! It was hard to get a good photos with the sun being so bright! We were so squinty!

Shirt: Glitter Hell
Shorts: Forever 21
Jacket: Rubbish
Crown: Handmade
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Thanks for Checking my look out guys!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

White Tiger

So, my favorite animal has always been a white tiger, you might even go out of the way to say a White Tiger is my spirit animal. It stands for a lot of things I believe in and reflects the way I feel. I've been obsessed with collecting White Tiger shirts since animals seem to have been appearing more lately in fashion, now is my chance to collect them all! Hehe. So recently Ashlei, Jenna and I went up to Mt. Hood to go Cosmic Tubing! Of course while we're up in the snow we might as well take some photos! So of course, I wanted to wear this new Snow Tiger Sweater that I had gotten from Choices, Puurrfect right?

So many people kept looking at me and thinking I was crazy! Wearing a skirt? I must be freezing, what was I thinking?! What I was thinking? My skirts awesome. haha Here are a few pictures of Jenna, Ashlei and I!

Jenna taking photos for me!

Me taking photos for Jenna! Ha

The three of us girls being cold! (taken by Josh)

Ashlei and I being silly. XD

A picture I took of Ashlei and Her boyfriend Josh!

And all the lovely Snow on the way there! So pretty.


Shirt: White Tiger shirt from Choice
Skirt: Forever 21
Accessories: Forever 21