Friday, October 30, 2015

Recent Purchases!

Oh man, where have I been? I have been everywhere. Been really busy and I had some free time and a lot of neat new stuff so I wanted to make a blog post, or a few. :P Haha Magically during the month of September and October I managed to get my Financial Aid and my Deposit on my old apartment back around the same time. So I took the chance to use a bit of extra cash to go to San Francisco this month! Along with buying some new Lolita items. Hehe. I might be making a separate post about going to San Francisco, though you guys are probably more interested in the clothing I got. :p So why hold back, let's get started!
Let us start off with Frickin' Holy Lantern. I have been dying because of how much I have wanted this dress since it originally came out. This last month with releases has been hell for me! I messed up when I tried to get it from the Japan site because it accidentally put two in my cart and then wouldn't let me take one out! By the time I removed them both and tried again then were gone. Then, I tried to get it during the US release but I couldn't log in before hand to change my address (since I've moved recently) and by the time the site was back up I didn't have time to change it! So I went to check out the dress but by the time I finally was able to get around to changing my address it was gone! Ugh, It was a very painful day.

But then, they made the MTO! I was so torn on getting the original White with black on it that I had lusted for for so long, or the new black with white that I have come to love since the new releases made me pick a new color to begin with. In the end I ended up with the black on white OP. But I am very excited to get it. After Japan released their dress and I missed it I managed to get Chibi Tenshi to get me both the ivory with gold tights and the black with silver tights. So I've got those now too!
I am very excited to wear them. I got the Ivory and Gold ones to see if they would work well with my Celestial and Victorian Tassel.

Moving on to Petite Patisserie Tiered JSK! (Sorry the photo isn't that great! T.T) I have been wanting this dress (in pink) for a few years ever since a friend let me borrow hers to wear. Unannounced to me she sold her without me realizing it and another friend bought it! I was so sad, so I have been on the search since. Lucky for me another friend of mine popped up selling this colorway! I thought about it and even though I wanted it in pink I thought that if I got the brown one I could wear it with, more pink! Surprise! haha. So I bought that (with headclip) and another friend of mine was looking for someone to go in on a Lolita Desu order with her where I found the biscut bag I've been looking for and these socks (I forget the name, if you know it let me know!) and I thought, that these would be PERFECT with this dress! I was so excited I jumped on it right away.

This dress is actually the shortest one I own! I'm glad I'm so short, but I still might need to make an underskirt to go with it. What color do you think I should make it? I haven't decided.

Here are some more detail shots of the other items. The bag is a little bent in on the sides, but I did buy it used. Plus these little utensils are super cute! I can't wait to wear this outfit out for pastries next time we go!

Along with those tights I got from Chibi Tenshi, I also Ordered this cute cardigan, socks and also The Sugary Carnival Headbow I've been missing! (Not pictured, woops!)

These socks were a good price and they're nice and simple so they can go with a lot of the items in my wardrobe! Plus they also have that cute little candy print lace!

I got this Cardigan (if anyone knows the name let me know!)with the idea that it might go well with Petite Patisserie. But, I also thought it would be cute just with anything! The buttons are really cute and I like that they are actually different colors! It gives it a little something other than just flat pink everywhere. I think all the bows is a little crazy but I needed something with a little more flare as a top. Make things interesting. I've been trying to buy more pieces to buff up my wardrobe like boleros, cardigans and socks. I keep meaning to buy other colors but I always end up with Pink! Someone send help!

Okay, Last thing. While I was in San Fransisco Baby The Stars Shine Bright happened to be putting out a Lucky Pack! What is my luck!? I've been talking about how I wanted to get some more classic like items so that when I go to places like High tea I don't feel so ridiculous wearing OTT sweet all the time! I always feel like I stick out like a sore thumb with I'm with some of my friends.

Upon first glance when I saw the dress on the site, and even in person, I honestly didn't like it very much. It was plain, it was embroidered, it was just....not sweet. This is always my problem when looking for other styles. I love how busy, and all the colors, and all the details of AP's Sweet Lolita items. So, I just told myself. You need to get this, it's a great deal and It'll be good. Heck, if I really didn't like it I could sell it.

This is what I ended up with in my lucky pack! As soon as I opened it I was so Happy. This is the best combination I could have gotten! The dress is honestly pretty cute even though the sleeves bother me on the dress. The embroidery is very classic. The Cape is soooooooooo soft! The beret is super lovely as well, though, I can't seem to wear it because it's far too tight on my head with a wig on. Overall, I am very happy I got it.

A cute story is that while I was at Baby going to buy it two other girls were there that were interested in it as well. Both of them were really nervous and weren't sure if they really wanted to get it. So, I bought mine first and I opened it right there so they could both see it! It was really exciting. After that one of the other girls picked one out (she picked the pink and brown dress) and we watched her open it! She got a pink Beret and a white cape. Then, the last girl that was there was really nervous because she didn't want pink stuff. But, she still got one. She opened it, and, sadly she got the pink cape! She was so sad! But, the other girl who also got a white cape said that she would trade with her because it would match her outfit much better anyways! They were both so happy and it was such a cute thing to witness! I had been thinking about asking her if she wanted to trade me the pink for the white too because I have so much pink stuff and wanted to make her happy. I wasn't fast enough though! But afterwards I was glad I kept the white one. So many white bunny's on my dresses! It'll match much better.

Well, That's all for now, I'll be posting more blogs soon! I've got a lot of stuff to share! Sorry this blog was so long but I hope you enjoyed it! I'll leave you with this shot of me wearing the New Baby Dress I got in the lucky pack and a dreamholic wig(review post soon) at PRGE a few weekends ago! Thanks for stopping by!

-Ariel Elizabeth