Sunday, March 25, 2012

To Witness Explosions Of Pure Color And Beauty;

Check it out! Posted on Lookbook, AGAIN! Yay me.

Anyways, I've always loved pastels and I am so happy that they're in style so I can stock up on them. I bought this sweater at Forever 21 on sale! I saw it and automatically wanted it. I've been looking for a sweater like this for awhile, sadly It was too small in the small so I got a large to achieve the over sized look. But even the large wasn't big enough! Oh well, I like it anyways. :]
Me being a Goober
My wonderful Hat with lettering by my Friend Jay! (Says Light)
Some random little accessories forever little Japaneses stores and Forever 21. And wearing American Apparel Leggings underneath my tights. Probably one of the best investments because it doesn't look like I am wearing tights! <3


That is it for now! Next time friends! <3 RUNDOWN: Shirt: Forever 21 Skirt: Forever 21 Tights: American Apparel Shoes: Madden Girl

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  1. You look really pretty in the close up that shows the hat X3