Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You've Been Gone For Too Long;

Hey Guys! I'm Kind of back! My lap top screen has been out of wack and I can barely look at it without getting a headache. It's made me really lazy. However, It snowed Here in Portland, Oregon yesterday, so it gave me some motivation to dig through my closet and find some clothing to put on. So, Here is my yay snow I can wear a Sweater outfit!

I wanted to add some color to my outfit to make it not so boring.
Lovely, Hand Made Hat my friend gave me, I love how big it is. ^^

Me seeing how deep the snow was. It was pretty deep!
Also, I don't wear heels very often anymore but they looked so cute with the tights and shorts!

And of course, a picture with my Lovely Blue Jacket on! <3 RunDown:
Hat- Hand Made
Sweater- Forever 21
Shorts- Forever 21
Tights- Went through my moms closet a long time ago.
Shoes- Hand Me Downs From Mother
Jewelry- Forever 21

And that's it for today! Thanks for taking a look guys!