Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Lost Hearts And One Caught In The Middle;

I decided to go take pictures on my way to sushi with some help of my boyfriend so I didn't look so silly standing in the parking lot with my Tripod.

I like this outfit, the girl at sushi told me it was cute!
I LOVE These shoes that I am wearing I bought them some from random shoe thrift store in N.E Portland. They were only 10 bucks! They were having a sale that day. I'd wear them more but I don't always have that much to match with them.

Up Close Picture of shoes!

Also, Love these tights. They've got cute little bows on them! You can hardly tell unless I'm wearing Darker tights over them. (What I usually do)

Actually, Everything I am wearing is from forever 21, Minus the shoes and belt.
Shoes: Zelig- Thirft store
Belt: Urban Outfitters

Anyways, Check out my Lookbook and hype my look!
(Yay first outfit up on new blog!)


  1. aw, super cute sweetie. I love the skirt and those shoes are adorable!!!

    1. Awww, thank you! I can't pass up anything pale pink. <3