Thursday, March 7, 2013

White Tiger

So, my favorite animal has always been a white tiger, you might even go out of the way to say a White Tiger is my spirit animal. It stands for a lot of things I believe in and reflects the way I feel. I've been obsessed with collecting White Tiger shirts since animals seem to have been appearing more lately in fashion, now is my chance to collect them all! Hehe. So recently Ashlei, Jenna and I went up to Mt. Hood to go Cosmic Tubing! Of course while we're up in the snow we might as well take some photos! So of course, I wanted to wear this new Snow Tiger Sweater that I had gotten from Choices, Puurrfect right?

So many people kept looking at me and thinking I was crazy! Wearing a skirt? I must be freezing, what was I thinking?! What I was thinking? My skirts awesome. haha Here are a few pictures of Jenna, Ashlei and I!

Jenna taking photos for me!

Me taking photos for Jenna! Ha

The three of us girls being cold! (taken by Josh)

Ashlei and I being silly. XD

A picture I took of Ashlei and Her boyfriend Josh!

And all the lovely Snow on the way there! So pretty.


Shirt: White Tiger shirt from Choice
Skirt: Forever 21
Accessories: Forever 21


  1. That's such a cute outfit! I LOVE the boots!

  2. Wow the snow is so beautiful!

    xo Jennifer

    1. Right? It was So gorgeous! It was hard not to take so many pictures of just snow. Hehe

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