Monday, December 31, 2012

So I'll Wait for Your Call

Recently I got to Participate in the Lolita Fashion Show at Newcon. It was rather exciting, even though the event was rather small. This was the first year for Newcon but it was a fun experience being around that many Lolita's at one time again. I know that Lolita isn't one of the more popular styles on Lookbook but it's one I love and I wish more people enjoyed it as well. But for those of you that do like the Lolita style, more power to you!

I felt like this look fits my blog title very well. It's the usual Sweet with a twist that I love oh so much. I walked in the show as "Pastel Goth" Lolita as well as Shiro (All White). I Love, love, love any style that may be considered pastel goth. Usually has all of my favorite colors! In any case, here are some pictures from that day! I wish I could have gotten better ones but oh well. The show got out after it was already dark outside but these photos are a bit Grungier, so what's not to enjoy?

I absolutely LOVE these new Hair accessories that I got from Kreepsville666!

Probably one of my Favorite Lolita Cords, Absolutely Love Sugar Hearts by Angelic Pretty!

And here are a few Bonus pictures of a few friends and I from after the show! Including Jenna From the blog "All That Glitters" and my friend Brittni, who's first time wearing Lolita was that day, Sporting my Jewellery Jelly in Mint by Angelic Pretty!

And here is a picture of me and another model from the show sporting our Kuro and Shiro Cords. This Shiro dress was handmade by one of our Own in the community! Hopefully I'll make another post with more pictures from the show later!

Dress: Angelic Pretty Sugar Hearts JSK in White
Cardigan: Pins and Needles from Urban Outfitters
Tights: Forever 21
Boots: Ebay
Accessories: Forever 21, Sanrio and Kreepsville666
Thanks for stopping by!

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