Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Not Like I Think About You Constantly;

Alright, I'm Finally back from My Trip To Hawaii! I had a great time visiting family, eating delicious food, snorkeling and just swimming in the nice warmer than freezing ocean! :D

I've got so many pictures from Hawaii that I'm only going to share a few at a time. But in any case lets move on! This was the first outfit I took pictures of in Hawaii, family thought I was crazy for wearing Boots to the Beach but it worked out for me. It was easier to climb all over the old volcanic rock that had been left a long time ago. In any case, I didn't put them back on until we got home.

There's Chris! He took my pictures for me this trip. :]
Some Silly Family Members and a friend of theirs.
And this is my favorite! Rabbit Head Island. I think it really does look like a rabbit head with his ears all tucked back. You can see his little nose on the right and the dent in the rock where his eye would be! <3

Shirt: Nollie
Shorts: Pacsun
Boots: Madden Girl
Accessories: Forever 21, and Pacsun


  1. I really really love that Rabbit Head Island! Its so cute and looks exactly like a bunny ^^

    Also it must have been nice to go to a beach you can actually swim at XD

    1. Right? It's my favorite! I'm thinking about making a print of on of the photos I took of It so I can put it on my wall. :D It's too cute.

      And yeah, It really was. XD I think that was Chris's and I favorite thing to do. We got those small beach inner tubes (<---Sp? Hahha)and float in the ocean. It was fun. we would try and not fall when the big waves came. ^^

  2. You're seriously too lovely!

    I followed you here from lookbook and now I'm following your gorg blog ^_^